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Process Nine specializes in providing technology solution for localizing & translating mobile apps in real time, for both IOS & Android markets. MOX Technology has been developed for Android & IOS localization solutions.

Benefits of App Localization

  • Improve App store rankings
  • Increase Downloads
  • Improve App conversions
  • Increase App Engagement

Process 9 is the leader in providing mobile application localization services with highest quality and quick delivery schedules.

Languages to Localize a Mobile App

Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi and many more

Cloud Based Localization Solutions

Translate your mobile app with Process9’s cloud-based localization solutions. Full localization of Mobile App involves :

(1) Resource localization of App’s static content:

Localization of User Interface, Localization of App Commands, App store descriptions, keywords, help resources.

(2) Localization of app’s dynamic content :

We We localize apps which dynamically displayed content coming from a web server such as E-Commerce, listing, application software driven apps.

Most Challenges Faced in Mobile App Localization

  • Fonts for Small Screen Size
  • Specific Coding Requirements
  • Localization for under-development Apps
  • Turnaround Time

Process 9 works to provide solutions to all of the challenges, from aesthetic fonts to ensuring quick turnaround time making Mobile App localization a hassle-free process for business owners.


Process Nine’s App Translation & localization tool – MOX VEDA is easy to implement in the app. The process is non-invasive requires with minimum or no changes in codes. It is quick, scalable & easiest to implement and reduces efforts.



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